The history of our company

A short history of the company

Our carpentry company enjoys many years of tradition and reputation in the production of custom-made wooden doors. The history of our company dates back to several generations, and the passion for craftsmanship is passed down from father to son.

Since the beginning of our company, we have focused on quality, reliability and precision of workmanship.

Modernity in tradition

We don’t rest on our laurels. We realize that today’s market is dynamic and full of challenges. That is why we introduce modern technical and technological solutions that allow us not only to meet, but also to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Full service

We value your time and peace of mind, which is why we offer comprehensive service that includes everything – from consulting and design, through production, to installation and service.

With us you will find everything in one place.

The word "impossible" does not exist in our dictionary

It doesn’t matter whether you need a door for a modern loft or a historic tenement house – with us, any project is possible.

We are open to unusual orders and focus on an individual approach to the customer.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our comprehensive offer, rich in stylistic and functional diversity, guarantees satisfaction and peace of mind for every customer.

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