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Welcome to a place where we combine tradition with modernity, and each order becomes an individual project . We proudly present our wide offer, which includes internal doors, external doors and custom-made wall structures.

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Variety of Systems

When choosing our products, customers can choose between a traditional rebated system , a modern non-rebated system and an innovative reverse rebated system.

Modern technologies

To meet market expectations, we used modern technologies in our non-rebated and inverted rebated doors, such as magnetic locks and hidden hinges . Thanks to this, our doors not only look aesthetic, but are also extremely functional.

Space Saving

For those who value saving space in their house or apartment, we have prepared a special offer of sliding doors. They are an ideal solution for small spaces where traditional doors might take up too much space.

Our sliding doors are not only practical, but also aesthetic, so they fit perfectly into any interior.

Doors with the Reverse Rebated System

Doors with Inverted Rebate are a combination of innovation, aesthetics and comfort of use. The door leaf opens inwards and is flush with the surface of the door frame or wall , which not only gives the door a modern and elegant look, but also enables easier opening and closing.

This solution is perfect for people who value high quality and style, and at the same time want to use the latest technological achievements in everyday life.

Interior Doors

Classic and Modern in One

Designed to meet a variety of needs, our interior doors are elegant and functional.

Thanks to a wide range of materials and patterns, everyone will find something for themselves.

We offer both classic and modern solutions.

Safety and Comfort

We also do not forget about technical aspects. Our interior doors are not only beautiful , but also durable and insulating . They guarantee full comfort and safety every day.

Exterior doors

Your Home Talks About You

External doors are the showcase of every home. We offer solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also resistant to various forms of damage. Give your home a unique character! 

Durability and Safety

Our external doors are made of the best materials and equipped with advanced security systems.

They offer the highest level of durability and resistance to external conditions.

Our doors are made in 68mm, 78mm and 98mm systems

Wall developments

Exclusive Solutions for Every Space

If you want to fully use the potential of your interior, our custom-made wall units are the perfect solution.

We will design and build a structure tailored to your needs, whether at home or in the office.

Individuality and Functionality

We offer structures in various styles and materials. Each project is unique to us, which is why we focus on individuality and functionality.

If you are looking for products that symbolize quality, durability and style, you are in the right place.

Contact us and let us transform your space into a work of art.

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